How many books can I subscribe to?

It is possible to submit from 1 to 3 different books

If I register with 3 books, will I participate with all 3 in the exhibition?

No, the application does not constitute automatic access to the exhibit. Only the selected works will be admitted to the exhibition. It will be the responsibility of the organization to communicate to the candidates which and how many works have been selected for the exhibition. Failure to select does not give the right to a refund of the registration fee

I want to participate with 3 books. How many forms do I have to fill out?

You need to fill in a form separately for each of the works you intend to submit

What is the cost to register more than one book?

The cost of the registration fee is 20 € and it is the same whether a book is registered or 2 or 3 are registered

Can I participate with my book, even if it is not a recent one?

Yes, the book doesn’t need to be unpublished or recent. However, it is required that he has never participated in any previous edition of Book Object

Should the book develop a particular theme?

No, the book need not develop a particular theme. The theme is free

Can I enter any book?

No, books that have already been exhibited in previous editions of Book Object, works with offensive or discriminating content, works by candidates who have not paid the registration fee within the established deadlines are not admitted.

Can I send you the photos of the books attached to the email?

No, we kindly ask you to send us the attachments by wetransfer to

I have subscribed my book/books. What’s the next step?

After submitting your book/books, you must send high-resolution photos by wetransfer (for info see upper faq) + copy of the “registration fee” bank transfer to the email:
Subsequently it is necessary to wait for communication of the selection by the jury. It will be the responsibility of the organization to communicate the selected books by e-mail. The selected works will be communicated by 31 March 2023 (except for any changes to the timing which will in any case be communicated)

I have been selected with 2/3 works. Do I necessarily have to participate with all?

No, the selection of 2 or more works does not constitute an obligation to participate. The artist/designer is always free to choose which and how many books to participate in the exhibition with (among the selected works)

Is participation with the augmented reality video mandatory?

No, it is not necessary to participate with a video, but it is highly recommended as the exhibition will be in augmented reality as well as the catalog of the event. Whoever sends the video will be able to appreciate their work in augmented reality both on display and in the catalogue

By when should the video be sent?

The video of the book must be sent by wetransfer to by 12 May 2023

What is the maximum video length? What technical and thematic characteristics must it possess?

The augmented reality video must have the following technical characteristics:

– duration not exceeding 60 seconds;
– may have graphic and text animations as substantial parts of the work, but must not have opening or final credits;
– it is necessary that the author owns the rights of the images, videos and music reproduced in the video itself;
– for issues related to the functioning of augmented reality, the video must necessarily be horizontal if the work is photographed horizontally and vertical if the work is reproduced vertically;
– the theme of the video is free: it can reproduce all or some pages of the book, illustrate the methods that led to its creation or everything that is interesting for the purpose of understanding the work;
– professional video quality is required.

Does participating with augmented reality video have a cost?

No, participation with the augmented reality video has no additional cost, but it is included in the “participation fee”

I don’t know how to make augmented reality videos. How do I make it?

No augmented reality skills are required. Just send a simple video, the staff will take care of converting the video into augmented reality

My video is ready. How do I send it to you?

Send us the video by wetransfer to the email

My book has been selected. How do I deliver it to you?

You can deliver the book in person or by courier. For the delivery methods, consult the rules under the heading “delivery of the works”

I have decided to send you my book by courier. How should the package be made?

We recommend a fairly rigid outer casing and internal packaging (bubble wrap type) that wraps the book, sufficient to prevent damage in the event of knocks or falls. We also require easily reusable packaging for returns by courier.

If the book is particularly fragile, additional rigidity of the package and abundant internal packaging with bubble wrap is required.

We do not recommend sending via envelopes, do-it-yourself boxes that are not rigid enough or assembled from scrap pieces, sending without adequate internal protective packaging.

Is there insurance for the works on display?

Yes, flat-rate insurance is provided for the period of the exhibition only (it does not include transport and storage at the studio). Anyone who needs greater protection can autonomously take out additional insurance

How do I see content in augmented reality?

Download the ARIA the AR platform application. The application is free and is available for Android e iOS